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What is Spikeball?

The paternal offspring of Volleyball and Foursquare.  Spikeball is not your grandfather's beach game. It is all the rage for the young spirits within all of us. 
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Who plays Spikeball?

This is not your Grandfather's beach game of the past. That being said, Spikeball is for the forever young spirit within all of us. Spikeball has no age restriction and can be enjoyed but all levels of abilities.
Having always been into sports, I was excited to hear about Spikeball Boston. It hasn't disapointed and their Thursday night league gives me something to look forward to all week. After some intense matches, the team often gets together for drinks and dinner at one of the sponsored bars near by. If you're looking for a new sport and meet some great new people, Spikeball Boston is for you. 

Mike Howie Beacon Hill

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Where do you play Spikeball?

From the Beach to your family's backyard BBQ, Spikeball can be enjoyed anywhere. It is recommend to be played somewhere with a soft landing area - like grass or sand - for those diving, risk everything bail out points.
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Why Spikeball?

Play one game and you'll be hooked. It is a game designed for the 21st century and allows participants endless fun in the sun. Spikeball is more than just the latest fad. Fans of the game have a passion that has directly contributed to the growth and popularity of Spikeball.
Spikeball Boston is so much fun and I've met some great friends through their Spikeball leagues and tournaments. I was a bit hesitant to play at first but I was coerced by a friend and I loved it! I couldn't recommend it more. Spikeball Boston does an exceptional job managing all the logistics for leagues and tournaments.

Elizabeth Morris South Boston

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