The Story Behind Spikeball Boston

Kevin Finn fell in love with Spikeball as soon as he saw people playing it while on a business trip in Southern California. In the Summer of 2013 Kevin was on Huntington Beach soaking up the West Coast sun before heading back to Boston. Kevin saw a large group forming a circle near by applauding. Kevin had to go see what all the commotion was about and that is when he discovered the magical game of Spikeball.

Six months after Kevin's faithful trip to California he decided to quit his success Sales career and start his own business. Discovering there was no Spikeball leagues or circuits in the greater Boston area, Spikeball Boston was born. 

Our mission is to bring organized, social and fun Spikeball leagues to the masses. Through some supportby a mobile developer friend, Spikeballboston started as a mobile app before adapting into the major digital presence it has today. We are forever grateful to emmbi mobile for helping Spikeball Boston get off the ground with their superior mobile development skills. . 

Spikeball Boston prides itself on its reputation for excellence and customer feedback. Spikeball Boston has a remarkable +85% customer Net Promoter Score (NPS). Putting the customer at the center of all their decisions for the company, Spikeball Boston has seen tremendious growth over the past three years. 

Kevin Finn

Founder & CEO - Spikeball Boston

Kevin began his carreer in Market Research after graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a degree in Economics. Kevin quickly moved up the corporate ranks and had a successful, well paying Sales career. Kevin has used his business experience and connections to grow Spikeball Boston into the rapidly growing company it is today. 

In addition to founding Spikeball Boston, Kevin is an investor and board member for several Boston-based start ups. Developing a cult following for his investment success. 

Kevin now lives in Charlestown and is an avid athlete when not playing Spikeball. You can often find him on the golf course or basketball court in his spare time.