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Ranked: Top 10 Best Beach Games for 2017

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 17, 2017 9:31:31 PM / by Kevin Finn | @kevfinn2

It's official beach season as the tempeture rises and the seasonal Summer beers can be found at your local packy.  As you plan your get away weekend trips for this Summer, consider what Beach games you can't leave home without. We have your back as we rank the top 10 best Beach games for 2017. 


10. Waboba Ball


If your idea of a great game involves a game of catch with a ball that bounces on water, Waboba Ball is your game. This odd sounding and often hard to pronounce ball requires zero set up and only takes up a few inches of space in your Beach bag. Waboba Ball kicks of this year’s list of the top 10 best Beach games for 2017 coming in at number 10.


9. Bocce

beach bocce.jpg

Bowling and Curling at the Beach? That is where Bocce fits in. Bocce is a great even keeled Beach game for those who are looking for entertainment at the beach without breaking a sweat. Given its unique combination of sports and games, Bocce lands in at number 9 for the best Beach games for 2017.


8. Bat and Ball

bat and ball.jpg

The Beach game you never really did understand. Try and get the most hits back and forth in a row without the ball hitting the ground. It is that simple. Its simplicity and childhood nostalgia would make even Don Draper blush which is why Bat and Ball takes our number 8 spot for the top Beach games of 2017.


7. Flick 'n' Sticks


Use your pinpoint frisbee accuracy and defensive agility to excel at Flick ’n’ Sticks. This very competitive game is perfect for crowded M Street beach goers who don’t have the sand space some of the other games on this list require. If you’re not familiar with this game, we highly recommend giving it a try next time you’re at the beach as it earns our number 7 spot this year.


6. Ladder Golf


A combination of darts and horseshoes has made Ladder Golf an instant classic for the past decade. Simply toss your bolas at the opposing ladder. You get 3 points for the top run, 2 for the middle and 1 point for the lower rung. First player to score exactly 21 points wins. It is that easy. The simplicity of the game is the reason we have ranked Ladder Golf as the 6th best Beach game of 2017.


5. Horseshoes


The Beach game your Grandfather played with his WWII buddies. Horseshoes a tried and true Beach game for the all ages. Given its ability to stay relevant after all these years and arguably the only sport where almost counts, Horseshoes is the 5th best Beach game for 2017.


4. Volleyball


The age old classic gets even better when you add the word Beach in front of Volleyball. This Beach game allows you the flexibility to play six on six to get the whole group involved or two versus two battles of agility, skill and tactical prowess. Beach Volleyball is a sport that isn’t losing any momentum and is why you will see Volleyball nets set up at the majority of beaches from the East Coast to the West. For this reason, Volleyball comes in at number 4 this year for the best Beach games of 2017. 


3. Cornhole


Horseshoe’s younger and more fun cousin. Cornhole is a very enjoyable game to play with a group of people and requires very minimal set up. Given its likability and easy to understand rules, Cornhole ranks number 3 on this year’s list of the top 10 Beach games.


2. KanJam


Frisbee with alley oops. Hone in your frisbee accuracy levels by working with your teammate to slam the disc in the bin or go for the immediate win by aiming for the opening with no teammate support. KanJam is a Beach game that when you start it is hard to stop. Earning this year’s number 2 spot for the top Beach games of 2017.


1. Spikeball


The best that Volleyball and Foursquare has to offer mixed together to create Spikeball. Spikeball is a high energy beach game that is super competitive, requires cat-like reactions, quick thinking, agility, strategy, athleticism, and miles and miles of heart. Spikeball earns the number 1 spot for 2017 given its popularity and cult-like following.


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