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Spikeball FAQs - 7 Spikeball Rules To Get Going

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You’re interested in Spikeball. After all It does seem to be all the rage now a days. You’ve seen people playing it on the beach, at parks, fields, cookouts, tailgates and camp grounds. Hell, it was even on an episode of Shark Tank and the sharks were circling the inventors for a piece of the company. You want in.

Here are the seven Spikeball rules you need to know to start obliterating the Spikeball circuit.

1.       Spikeball is played 2 on 2. 
Spikeball is a four person sport with two teams of two. Gender doesn’t matter. You can play boy-girl vs boy-girl or continue the battle of the sexes and play boy-boy vs girl-girl. So grab your BFF and challenge those pesky neighbors downstairs who are constantly blaring the Chainsmokers to a match.
2.       You begin each point by serving the ball off the net to your opponent across from you.
Think of the Spikeball net (that mini trampoline impersonator) as a volleyball net. Every time a team hits the ball off the spikeball net it changes possession to the other team. Alternate servers to the opposing team every time the serving team forfeits the point. Every player rotates who is serving through the ebbs and flows of the game. It is good sportsmanship to serve the ball so that it gives your opponents a fair opportunity to return the serve. Don’t be that guy or gal who turns into Serena Williams every time it is their service and starts acing their opponents. 

3.       A team gets 3 hits to return the ball to the net. 
Just like Volleyball, a team gets up to three touches to return the ball to the net and switch possession to your opponents. Players must alternate touches and can only touch the ball three times before returning the ball to the net. The key is to work well with your partner to set the team up for that monster spike or sly drop shot. 

4.       There are no boundaries or sides. 
That’s right. Once a point starts players can move and hit the ball anywhere. Often times, more advanced players will use this to their advantage and look to hit the ball in any direction to keep their opponents on their toes. 

5.       So, how do you score?
Points are scored once a team fails to hit the net in three hits or less. If the ball hits the ground or the rim of the net the opposing team gets a point.  When returning the ball to the net, the ball must hit the net and bounce off in one clean shot. If the ball bounces twice on the net the opposing team is awarded a point. You are awarded a point whether the point started on your serve or your opponents’.

6.       You play to 21, win by 2.
Games are played to 21 points. First team to 21 takes home the bragging rights. With Spikeball being so fun, many times opponents play series of five where the first team to win three games wins the match. 

7.       Go have fun.
As cliche as it sounds, Spikeball is all about having fun with friends and making new friends through an awesome game. 

Now that you know the official rules of spikeball, go challenge those neighbors to a match and download our 10 Spikeball Tips below. 
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